10 Most Sugary Cereals

I thought this was an interesting tidbit of information about the 10 most sugary cereals.  This is just another reason to make sure you check those labels before purchasing – you need to know what you’r’e putting in your bod & your family’s bodies.

On a second note – someone needs to make Lucky Charms in a healthy version that still tastes the same because I like them more than I care to admit – they’re magically addictive. I know, I’m bad.  You still love me, right? 😉
10 Most Sugary Cereals


Read more at NoMoreAddedSugar.com

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  • Meaghan

    Thanks for posting this!!

  • Sanantha

    That is not very accurate. Mini wheats has more sugar than Lucky Charms and most of those cereals. Many that seem healthy are loaded with sugars.

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