Authentic Steak Tacos

Easy Steak Tacos

Bacon Guacamole

Bacon Guacamole

Pig Squealing BBQ Nachos

Squealing Pig BBQ Nachos

The Mrs's Super Nachos

The Mrs’s Super Nachos

Crab & Chipotle Aioli Deviled Eggs

The Bulletin Board – the Super Bowl Edition!

The Perfect Philly Cheesesteak - you won't believe how easy it is!

The Perfect Philly Cheesesteak

Roasted Garlic Asiago Cheese Dip

Roasted Garlic & Asiago Cheese Dip

It's a Snackadium!

It’s a Snackadium {with Pillsbury!)

Mustard Pretzel Dip

Mustard Pretzel Dip


Herbed Cheese and Cracker Bits


Tamale Cups


Tamales – with your crockpot’s help!