DIY Bubble Station

My kids LOVE bubbles, especially my 2 year old.  In fact, ‘bubble’ was one of his first words.  His favorite thing to do on a nice day is to play in his sandbox & blow bubbles.  

I saw an idea on Pinterest on making a bubble station, and immedietly I knew that was the perfect thing for our back deck, and our littlest kiddo.  It’s super easy too.  You could easily whip one of these up in a matter of minutes.

You will need a large container of bubbles, a beverage dispenser, scrapbook letters, & a few plastic cups.  I used empty greek yogurt containers that I washed out for our bubble cups.  I feel all earthy when I do things like that.  I bought the plastic beverage dispenser at Walmart for about $3, and I already had the scrapbook letters on hand.  So, this project cost me next to nothing in both dollars and time.

Stick on the scrapbook letters – mine simply says ‘Bubbles’.  Pour the bubbles in the beverage cannister, and dispense into plastic cups (or recycled yogurt containers) and have fun!

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