Easy Marinated Freezer Chicken Packets

These easy marinated freezer chicken packets are super easy & budget friendly. Chicken prepared this way is SO good & it’s always ready to go.Easy Marinated Chicken Packets for the Freezer

I love time savers in the kitchen.  I’m kind of bewildered as to why I’ve never shared these easy marinated chicken packets before because I make them ALL the time!

When the large packages of boneless skinless chicken breasts go on sale at the grocery store, I buy a few of them – and then pick up some of my favorite marinades while I’m at it.  When I get them home, I prep them for these convenient little freezer packets.

Easy Marinated Chicken Packets for the Freezer

Allowing the chicken to freeze inside the marinade & then thaw inside of it when you’re ready to eat makes the most flavorful & tender chicken fillets you’ve ever had!  I use a variety of marinades, & then label accordingly with ziploc bags before freezing.

You can place the whole fillet inside the freezer bags, but I prefer to slice the tenderloins off of them first and bag them separately for chicken tenders later.

Easy Marinated Chicken Packets for the Freezer

Easy Marinated Chicken Packets for the Freezer

So, simply just place your family sized portions of chicken in your freezer safe bags & pore about 1/2 a container of marinade in each one.

Easy Marinated Chicken Packets for the Freezer

I squeeze the air out the best I can, and stack them up flat in my freezer.  When I plan on making chicken, I just thaw one of the packs & bake at 350 for about 35-45 minutes.

Easy Marinated Chicken Packets for the Freezer

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  • What an awesome idea…thank you!

  • Callie

    What a great idea. Do you know if there is a time limit on frozen marinade retaining its flavor? Please share more of your time saving ideas, I could use all the help I can. Thanks!

    • I like to use mine within 3 months, but I’ve used them up to 6 months later with great results!

  • SUCH a great idea! I always have frozen chicken that I forget to defrost AND marinade… now I can do both before I freeze!

  • Gail S.

    Hi Crystal! Wonderful idea for us working ladies. Definitely going to do this. Just wondering if you have ever thrown them in the crockpot to cook all day?

    • Yes, I have with great results!

  • What are you favorite marinades to use for this?! My family is in need of something new for dinners 🙂

    • Italian dressing, Allegro marinade, Garlic & Herb marinade, & teriyaki! 🙂 Lawry’s marinades are fantastic too!

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