Flashback Friday, Menu Planning Organizing Meal Boxes

Menu Planning Meal Boxes – clip your recipe to the front, fill the boxes with the ingredients needed, & carry to your workstation using the recipe to cook.

Menu Planning Meal Boxes

I’m a big fan of menu planning.  I really believe it is the best tip anyone can follow when it comes to reducing your household’s grocery cost.  When you buy only the things you plan for, then less goes to waste.  2nd best tip, don’t go grocery shopping hungry!

This is my favorite way to keep my pantry these days.  These little menu boxes were one of those ‘ah-ha moments’ – and they’re really so simple, I don’t know why I never thought of them before.  Each week when I go shopping, I can simply place the non-perishable items in my meal boxes & clip the recipe to the front.  When I’ m ready to cook dinner – I just grab the box, load in the perishable ingredients, & take it over to my workstation.  My recipe is right there – and everything I need to cook is right at my hands.

They’re really simple to make – and really cheap.  I went to the Dollar Store for my containers.  I purchased 7 tub like containers for just $1 a piece.  You could go for smaller tubs than what I used too. You also need a pack of small binder clips (with the office supplies), I purchased 12 of them for $0.88 cents at WalMart.  Oh, and hot glue.  Gotta have the hot glue.

Simply glue the binder clip to the container.

Menu Planning Meal Boxes

Simply clip on your recipe.

Menu Planning Meal Boxes

Place them in your pantry, like I’ve done in mine.

Menu Planning Meal Boxes

I seriously love these things, my pantry is so much more organized now, and meal time is that much easier.

Menu Planning Meal Boxes



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  • Rosey

    This is GEEENNNNIIUUUS! I meal plan (for a living, too) and “shop” from my pantry. I put a week-long list of dinners on the refrigerator. But, sometimes, my three ravenous men-folk in my house will eat something that I’ve got planned to use later in the week. This container-izing of meals will solve that issue! LOVE. IT.

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