Fresh Fruit Cones

Fresh Fruit Cones

It’s now officially summer, although here in the South – it has been officially hot for a while now.

This summer, I have decided to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Rather it be in the garden, hanging out on the porch, cooking out on the deck, or spending it in the pool.  So, to kick of the ‘official’ summer season, I threw a little pool party for my kiddos.

Pool Party

Now, if you come to any kind of get-together at my house – food not always plays a major part in it, it plays my favorite part.  Me and food, we go way back… 😉

I made up a whole pool party food buffet, but these fresh fruit cones were definitely a favorite of the kids AND the adults.

Fresh Fruit Cones

Don’t you just love treats that are assembly only?  ‘Cus that’s just what these cones are.  Just pop in your fruit!  I chose to use a mix of strawberries, blackberries, & raspberries.  You could choose any combo that sounded delicious to you though.  I have to say though, I absolutely love the combination of berries.

I thought that I would take these up a level with a spoonful of fruit dip dolloped on top.

Fresh Fruit Cones

I purchased a little container of vanilla bean fruit dip in the produce section of WalMart, and placed it beside of the cones so everyone could drizzle on a little if they wanted.

Fresh Fruit Cones

Now, to the display.  I LOVE serving these in a sand pail.  I purchased this one brand new at the Dollar Store.  Then, I added a cute flip flop printable to the front of it (to cover the label that refused to come off!) & sealed if off with some clear packing tape.

Flip Flops Printable

To get the cones to stay inside of the bucket – I filled the inside with a bag of grapes….

Fresh Fruit Cones

Then just nestled the cones inside.


Fresh Fruit Cones

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