Fruit Fly Remedy

Best Remedy for Eliminating Fruit Flies

It never fails.  Every summer I have a problem with fruit flies, especially so since I’m bringing in new garden bounties every day.  They are so annoying!  Usually, I mix up a solution of white vinegar & dishwashing detergent and set it out where I see them, and it seems to catch some of them.  A few days ago, I noticed them swarming my basket of fresh tomatoes from my garden – so I went for the vinegar, but I was all out.  I did, however, have a bottle of red wine vinegar – so I figured I’d use it instead.  The fruit flies were instantly drawn to it, and I’m eliminating way more of them than I was with the white vinegar.

Best Remedy for Eliminating Fruit Flies

For comparison’s sake, I also tried some apple cider vinegar… which worked just as good as the white vinegar – but the red wine vinegar solution out worked both of them.

The technique (if you even want to call it that) is simple – just pour some red wine vinegar in a shallow dish & add in a few drops of Dawn dishwashing detergent.

Best Remedy for Eliminating Fruit Flies


In just 2 hours, this is what was in one of my dishes.  Warning, those with the faint of heart should look away… I photographed fruit flies of which I drowned….  I’m a fruit fly murderer.

Best Remedy for Eliminating Fruit Flies

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  • Jennifer Bilbro

    So glad I saw this! We have them in my office; there is zero fresh fruit or produce of any kind. Friend of mine mentioned drain flies? Are these the same thing? We do have a sink/mini fridge but no keeps food there.

  • 50 Things to Know

    Trying this now. Thanks!

  • Hit Manfan

    It’s great that you are using Regina wine Vinegar for the bugs because that stuff isn’t fit for human consumption.

  • Jen L.

    You may be a bug killer (this coming from a fellow bug killer) but at least you used a cute cup!

  • Carlotta Witulski

    QUICK! Some one call PETA!
    LOL Sorry I had to. 🙁

  • Christina

    Can’t wait to try this!! Thanks!!

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