Mason Jar Freezer Smoothies

Mason Jar Freezer Smoothies


Did you know you can make a batch of smoothies in advance, pour them into mason jars – and freeze for later use?  These are great to pack in your kids’ lunchbox & have the perfect consistency by lunchtime.

You can make any smoothie recipe work for this – just lower the liquid ratio to where your smoothie has a very thick texture.  You can also add things like yogurt, bananas, & oatmeal as thickening agents.  The smoothie should be a ‘scoopable’ texture before freezing.

My favorite combination is frozen berry blend, strawberry yogurt, & a little apple juice. Yum.

Mason Jar Freezer Smoothies

Fill the mason jars 3/4 of the way full, and place in the freezer.  Place in the fridge overnight for a quick breakfast smoothie, or pack in the kids’ insulated lunch sak with a cooler pack.  Shake before opening.

Mason Jar Freezer Smoothies


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  • mkkiki

    im a very new cook how much yoguart, froz. berries and juice do i use for this?

    • I usually use 1 bag of frozen berries, 1 single serving cup of yogurt, & just a splash of apple juice. You can use ANY smoothie recipe you can find either on my website or elsewhere on the blog, and just decrease the liquid… only adding enough for the mixture to blend inside of your blender.

  • mkkiki

    ty crystal im going to try it

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  • Menay

    why does it need to be a thicker consistency before freezing? just curious

    • It doesn’t have to be a thicker consistency, I just prefer the thicker consistency because when it thaws from frozen, it’s a little thinner than it was when you first froze it.

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  • cheryl orey

    what size mason jars do you normally use? I’m diabetic so need recipes for me and something maybe can use for family long will they last in freezer? do they take a long time to thaw? are you drinking them from jars or do you transfer to another cup?

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