99 Pie Recipes – Oh My!

99 Delicious Pie Recipes

99 Delicious Pie Recipes – that’s what you’ll find here. Pi Day has given me quite the excuse to share them. 99 problems and not having any pie isn’t one!   It’s Pi Day, y’all! And, since it’s 2015 – this year’s whole ‘3.141592753’ is pretty darn nifty since it falls on 3-14-15. Check it out. It’s… {read more}

Easy Nutella Rolls

Nutella Rolls

These Nutella Rolls are so super duper easy & absolutely delicious!  The best part is that all you need is 2 ingredients! Nutella. There should be a support group for those of us (like me) who are hopelessly addicted to it.  I know I can’t be the only one who could sit down with a… {read more}

Easy Tuna Mac & Cheese Casserole

Easy Tuna Mac & Cheese Casserole

This Easy Tuna Mac & Cheese Casserole is a dish even tuna haters will love. You only need a handful of ingredients to make it & it’s SO easy & cheap!! Ok, so we’re in the first week of our pantry challenge!   Sadly, I was hospitalized during the majority of this week though –… {read more}

I lost 10 pounds in 4 Days!


Yup, you read that title correctly. I’ve lost 10 pounds in 4 days! What is this magic diet that I’ve gone on to give me this amazing result? It’s called the ‘I Can’t Keep Down a Dang Thing I Eat Because Adhesions Suck Monkey Butt Diet’. I was just released from the hospital after a… {read more}

Pantry Challenge – Let’s Do This!

Pantry Challenge

It’s here, it’s March 1st! What’s that mean? It’s time for the Pantry Challenge! Starting today, the objective is to purchase as little as possible at the grocery store & use up things that have acquired in the pantry & freezer.  If you’re a late comer to the pantry challenge, you should definitely head over… {read more}

Upcoming Pantry Challenge – Let’s Prepare!

30 Day Pantry Challenge

A pantry challenge is a great to reduce waste & save money by challenging yourself to use up what’s in your pantry, fridge, & freezer for your meals! My pantry is overfilled at the brims, & my deep freezer isn’t exactly empty either. I know I’m extremely blessed to have such an abundance of food,… {read more}

Easy Baked Ravioli

Easy Baked Ravioli

I love this Easy Baked Ravioli recipe so much. It only has 4 ingredients, & my whole family gobbles it up! So super simple & so super yummy too! I’m kind of a pasta addict.  I haven’t met a way it was served that I didn’t like as of yet. I could never go on… {read more}

Easy Maple Bacon Pretzel Rods

Maple Bacon Pretzel Rods

These Maple Bacon Pretzel Rods are the perfect combination of sweet & salty – a bacon lover’s dream! You only need 4 ingredients & they’re SO easy & yummy! I have this donut shop near my house that I absolutely love.  It opened up in a location where other places that’d opened up had failed…. {read more}

Super Sized Candy Card for your Sweetie!

Super Sized Candy Card for your Sweetie

This Super Sized Candy Card is not only big & filled with cute candy messages, but it’s also a foldable card. Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or birthdays! I made this fabulous super sized candy card for my hunny – and even shared it on Fox8 during the morning news! I absolutely love this idea.  I… {read more}

Easy Berry Cream Danish

Easy Berry Cream Danishes

I love having a delicious Berry Cream Danish fresh out of the oven. So easy! They’re made with crescent roll dough to get them on your table in under 20 minutes! Confession time! I’m such a huge fan of refrigerated crescent roll dough. I use it in crescent rings, it makes my Grilled Cheese Bacon Crescent… {read more}

Easy Strawberries & Cream Valentine’s Day Cookies

Easy Valentine's Day Cookies

These Strawberries & Cream Valentine’s Day Cookies are SO darn easy & really cute too! You only need 3 things to make them & they’re no bake. Super fast! I am loving these adorable little cookies that are perfect for Lovey Dovey Day, aka – Valentine’s Day. They are so simple & easy – no… {read more}

One Pot Chili Macaroni & Cheese

One Pot Chili Macaroni & Cheese

I love this One Pot Chili Macaroni & Cheese SO much!  Even my picky 4 year old & even pickier 13 year old can’t get enough of this one. It’s a keeper! This One Pot Chili Macaroni & Cheese is a recipe that I’ve been intending to share with you for quite some time now,… {read more}