An Update


Just a little update to let you all know that I’m still here. It’s been harder returning to the blog than I thought it would after my husband passed away in July. Creating that new normal is a lot easier said than done. However, I AM back to making & photographing recipes again. It’s just… {read more}

Cuban Melts


Cuban Sandwiches are a new fascination of mine. I didn’t have one up until a couple months ago, and instantly I fell in love with the flavors. I’d been making a traditional Cuban sandwich for a while using an adaptation of one of Tyler Florence’s recipes & my family seriously can’t seem to get enough… {read more}


Angel Visor Clip

I didn’t know what to call this post… so I called it what I’m about to tell you gives me. Goosebumps. This isn’t going to be anything long – a super fast read really. This is something that occurred to me not long after my husband passed away back in July & as I’m sitting here… {read more}

Brazilian Lemonade


This Brazilian Lemonade is the epitome of a refreshing & delicious beverage. Contrary to the name, it contains zero lemons & the secret ingredient may surprise you! Edit to add: This is one of the last recipes that I made & photographed alongside my husband before he passed way back in July this year. It’s… {read more}

Golden Rice Salad ~Guest Post~

Finished Golden Rice Salad

Hi Everyone, my name is Jodie Rodriguez and I blog about building literacy skills while cooking with kids and my favorite project- Family Dinner Book Club at Growing Book by Book. I’m glad to be able to do a very small part in helping Crystal during this time. I love to cook and eat! I’m… {read more}

Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed So I’m Saying Goodbye to Isolation…


I’ve been procrastinating writing this for as long as I can. I knew I needed to sit down & write it but the emotions that come with that kind of thing can be overwhelming at times. I was officially supposed to be ‘back to the blog’ yesterday – at least, that’s what I thought last… {read more}

Hawaiian Haystacks ~Guest Post~

Hawiian haystacks

Hi! I’m Debra and I am stopping by from my blog, Life Between the Kitchen and the Coop. I am so excited to guest post on Crystal’s blog today and to share a recipe that I have loved since I was a kid. I have tried several variations of it and I have never met a… {read more}

Easy Smoked Chicken Salad~ Guest Post~

MHH - Easy Smoked Chicken Salad - Plated

This is Edan Goode, from the blog, E.A.T. (Everyone Around the Table)  ! I am happy to be able to help Crystal during this difficult time. As the mother of four children in their teens, I believe in the power and benefits of family dinner, even when (and especially when) everyone has busy schedules. My… {read more}

Sicilian Spaghetti ~Guest Post~


Hello everyone! My name is Sandra and I blog at where I share a lot of mediterranean recipes. I was immersed in the italien culture since my childhood (my grandparents were sicilian), and for sure this influences the way I cook today. I would like to share with you a recipe of pasta: Spaghetti… {read more}

How to Make Your Own Fondue ~Guest post~

Fondue 1

Thanks to Michelle from My Simplified Life for showing us how easy it is to make fondue right at home! One of our favorite stay home meals is to have Swiss fondue as a picnic dinner in our living room. Over the weekend, we decided to host happy hour at our house with 2 other… {read more}

Chocolate Walnut Raisin Clusters ~Guest Post~


Hello Mrs. Happy Homemaker fans. I am Betsy and I blog at Desserts Required. My motto is, ‘Without desserts, life wouldn’t be as sweet’.   Think about it, desserts make people happy, right? Well, that’s exactly what I do through my website. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Crystal but when I heard about… {read more}

Getting my Foot Back in the Door


Hi y’all. Crystal here. I know I’ve been away for a while, and I’ve been meaning to post something sooner. But, I’m here now and I’m attempting to get my foot back in the door over here in the blogging world. I appreciate every last one of y’all for continuing to be here and I am… {read more}

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