Apple Lamb & Lentil Stew ~Guest Post~


Today’s guest post comes from Katherine Spinney of   She is just starting out with blogging and has a love for cooking! Hope you all enjoy her recipe for Apple Lamb and Lentil Stew. It’s no secret that the more successful a dish, the less dishes you use… Ok, maybe not exactly. But who likes… {read more}

Quick and Easy Goulash ~ Guest Post ~


Hi readers, Danielle here from Pare Down Look Up; a blog focusing on modern mini-homesteading, good food, and conscious living. As a working mom who also runs a home and a hobby farm, I often find myself heavy on aspirations and short on time. I prefer my family to eat healthy, homemade meals, but there… {read more}

Lightened Up Creamy Italian Chicken ~Guest Post~

lightened up creamy italian chicken-1

Hi, I’m Amanda from Small Batch Treats + Healthy Eats! To me living a healthy life is all about balance; a lot of nutritious eats and a healthy dose of baking and eating my favorite sweets. A few years ago I just ate whatever I wanted and I was really sedentary. After I had my… {read more}

S’mores Mini Donut Recipe


Hi every Marissa, from Rae Gun Ramblings here. Today I’m sharing a super easy and yummy recipe for Mini S’Mores Donuts. If you’ve never tried making donuts at home before they are surprisingly easy and the flavor of a freshly fried warm donut cannot be beat. Print Basic Donut Recipe Author: Marissa from Raegun Ramblings  … {read more}

Gluten Free White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies ~Guest Post~

Final Cookie pic

Hi all, I am April from the blog I am a Texas girl. Mom. Wife. Runner. Baker. Car Enthusiast. I write about a variety of topics that just is my life. Today I am sharing a deliciously yummy melt in your mouth Gluten Free White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies. Most gluten free cookies are not… {read more}

Caprese Salad with Balsamic Drizzle ~Guest Post ~

Caprese salad

Hi! I’m Julie from Confessions of a Cooking Diva, where I share easy dinner recipes. It’s great to be over here at Mrs. Happy Homemaker sharing with you a great end-of-summer Caprese Salad with a balsamic drizzle. It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. The only nice part of summer ending is… {read more}

Pantry Casserole aka Grandma’s Slop ~Guest Post~

pantry casserole

Hey guys! I’m Amber and I blog over at My Dear Ambellina about my life – being a newlywed and living with my mother-in-law while in nursing school. It can be boring or exciting, but there is rarely an in-between! One of my favorite things to do is cook, but when life is in the… {read more}

Chickpea Garden Vegetable Soup ~Guest Post~

Chickpea Garden Vegetable Soup 2

Hello! I’m Faith and I blog at where I share my recipe collection of international favorites and updated American classics, along with pretty food pictures and tidbits of life. When I heard Crystal’s story, my heart went out to her and her family, and I immediately knew I wanted to help. Today I’m sharing… {read more}

How to Make Homemade Granola ~Guest Post~

homemade granola

Hey y’all! I’m Julie from over at Sweet and Spicy Monkey helping Crystal while she’s out. You and your family our in our hearts and prayers Crystal! I share food and drink recipes on my blog. I try to keep it healthy but then my sweet tooth takes over and I delve into my dark… {read more}

Chicken Enchiladas ~Guest Post~

Chicken Enchiladas

Hi everyone! I’m Lois from Walking on Sunshine Recipes where I love to share a little of my life but more importantly, what’s for dinner at our house tonight! And what’s for dinner tonight is this EASY recipe for Chicken Enchiladas. I’ve made these enchiladas a few times for my family and we love them…. {read more}

Skillet Butter Tart Bars ~Guest Post~


Hi everyone!  My name is Renee and I’m blogging my love of all things sweet over at  We are sneaking up on fall so I’m delighted to be able to share some fall comfort sweets with you. Butter Tart Bars are a classic Canadian treat, that is beloved for its gorgeous buttery, tender shortbread… {read more}

Green Apple Crisp ~Guest Post~

Green Apple Crisp

Hi! This is Heather from Our goal is to inspire home cooked, nutritionally dense and soul satisfying meals for your dinner table. I am so happy to be able to lend a hand during Crystal’s difficult transition. I feel a kinship with her, as I am big about getting back to the basics of… {read more}

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