Southern Grits – So Creamy!

There are grits, and then there are GRITS, and this Southern girl has fallen in love with these oh-so-creamy Southern Grits. Easy to make and so rich and creamy, they’re just about perfect.


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How to Make Creamy Grits

Grits are the perfect Southern food. They’re rich, creamy, and perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

They’re a great side dish, too, and everybody loves them.

There are a million ways to make grits, but I got this recipe from a fellow homeschooling mom years and years ago. We were chatting at a picnic table at the park while the kids played – talking about foods of all kinds, but particularly Southern food.

Somewhere in the foodie convo that way going on, I told her about my Mama’s biscuit recipe, and she told me about her mother’s grits recipe.

I scribbled what she said down in a notebook and made a pot full that next weekend. And I’ve never looked back or even tried looking for another recipe. This is it, friends. 100%.

You need great ingredients and the right cooking techniques to make the best grits.

You can’t rush good grits, so give yourself some time, and you’ll be well rewarded with an amazing dish.


What are Grits?

Grits are made from ground corn but from less sweet starchier varieties, often called dent corn. They’re ground fine and can be either white or yellow. 

There are different varieties of grits, including:

  • Stone-ground grits – Also called old-fashioned grits. These stil have the germ intact so they have a stronger flavor, and they’re more perishable.
  • Quick-cooking grits – These are ground more finely so they cook faster than traditional grits.
  • Hominy grits – Made from corn soaked in a solution to soften the hull, then the kernels are dried and ground.
  • Heirloom grits – Include blue grits and other corn variety-specific grits.
  • Instant grits – These grits are pre-cooked and then dehydrated

Ingredients To Make The Best Grits

They’re so super creamy, y’all…

  • Heavy cream – Heavy whipping cream makes the best grits!
  • Milk – Use whatever milk you have on hand.
  • Butter – Salted butter is fine.
  • Salt – Grits need a fair bit of salt.
  • Stone-ground grits