How to Preserve Okra – Making Fried Okra for the Freezer

How to Preserve Okra – this is how I make fried okra for the freezer. This method is very simple and is a great way to preserve fresh okra.

Preserving Okra - Making Fried Okra for the Freezer |

I have a ton of okra in my garden at the moment. We’ve been eating okra almost daily. Fried okra, at that. I probably would eat it a different way if I happened to like it a different way. I know lots of people like it in gumbos or like to pickle them… but not me. I like my okra fried!

I’ve been putting up quart bags of breaded okra in the freezer for frying for later, & I thought I’d pop on here real quick to show y’all just how I do that.

How do I make fried okra for the freezer?

It’s really super easy. You simply just coat the sliced okra in a flour/cornmeal mixture, flash freeze, & store in bags. I’ll show you.

Slice all the okra you plan on using into about 1/4″ thick rounds.