Flashback Friday – Cadbury Egg Parfaits

Cadbury Egg Parfaits - SO Easy!!


Today’s Flashback Friday is only going back a year in the archives, but it’s almost Easter – and this is one of my very favorite Easter treats!  Cadbury Egg Parfaits.  Enough said, right? YUM!  Read on 🙂

So, earlier this week I mentioned how Peeps are one of the standard candies that you think of when you are thinking about Easter candy.  Another addition onto that list would have to be Cadbury Eggs.

I don’t know about where you live, but every year – they still play that same Cadbury Bunny audition commercial.  Without admitting my age too badly, I remember that exact same commercial from when I was a kid.  My husband and I laugh every year when we see that they are still playing it.

Cadbury Bunny auditions commercial - Rawr


Every year I buy them – they are like part of Easter, they must be bought.  But this year when I saw them sitting on the shelves, I knew that I wanted to do something ‘different’ with them – like include them in a recipe or something, but I wasn’t sure what.  I picked up a few boxes & instructed everyone to not eat them!

Cadbury Egg Parfaits

When I made the Easter Candy Cake, I used a cake mix that made 2 round cake layers.  I used just one cake layer for the Easter Candy Cake, so I was looking for something to do with the other layer.  Then I thought about those Cadbury eggs that I told everyone not to touch.  Luckily, for once – no once had touched them.  This is a rare occurrence. Because with my husband and children, when it comes to desserts – we live in ‘opposite world’ when I say ‘don’t eat this‘. It usually gets eaten. You should hear me, I sound like a warden (the snack warden, maybe?) sometimes when I come home from the grocery store.  I’ll hear ‘ooohs’ and ‘aahhs’ over certain items that they all want to tear into immediately – and then sad faces when I very firmly say, ‘No! Back away, that’s for a recipe!’  I know, I’m mean. They’ll live.

But like I said before – that only has like a 50% success rate.  I’ve had nachos on the meal plan for the past month, but each time I go to make it – my family have eaten all the tortilla chips.

Oh, yeah.  I’m supposed to be telling you what I did with that other cake round, & sharing a recipe – not being Chatty Cathy.  Errr, or Chatty Crystal as be the case.

I love recipes that aren’t actually recipes.  You know?  A little of this, a little of that – no real way to mess it up.  Yep, those are awesome.  And, this recipe is totally one of those no recipe recipes.

Cadbury Egg Parfaits

I took the other single layer cake round & broke it into chunks and separated half of them evenly between 4 mason jars. Then, I layered some vanilla pudding (that I made from a normal sized instant vanilla pudding box).

Afterwards, I scooped in a little layer of the new Cool Whip cream cheese frosting.  Have you see their new frosting?  I purchased it on a whim after seeing it at the grocery store, and when preparing this recipe – I thought it would be just the thing.  It totally was.  Totally yummy!

Cool Whip Frosting


Then some some chopped up (or halved) Cadbury Eggs.  And, then you go through & repeat the process.  More cake, more vanilla pudding, more cool whip frosting, & more Cadbury Eggs.  I use 8 Cadbury eggs per 4 parfaits.  I thought it would be cute to top them with the cool whip frosting & half of a Cadbury egg, ‘sunny side up’.

Cadbury Egg Parfait


Cadbury Egg Parfaits


  • 1 8-9 inch round chocolate cake broken into pieces (or equal amount of another cake)
  • 3.9 ounce instant vanilla pudding mix prepared
  • 1 tub Cool Whip frosting cream cheese flavor
  • 8 Cadbury Eggs halved or chopped


  • Layer the broken up cake, vanilla pudding, cool whip frosting, & Cadbury eggs in 4 mason jars or glasses.Repeat 3 times ending with a layer of Cool Whip frosting & half a Cadbury egg, 'yolk' side up.