My Handcrafted Double Strength Vanilla Extract is BACK!

2 bottles of Vanilla Extract

It’s back! My hand crafted Double Strength Vanilla Extract is BACK! So many of you have been waiting for it to make it’s return for the holidays, and here it is. If you’ve ordered my vanilla extract before, then you know how fast it sells out – so this time I made more hoping that everyone gets one that wants one.

I also made a limited quantity of Bourbon Double Strength Vanilla Extract due to popular request. It’s made the same way that I make my double strength vanilla extract but I use good bourbon instead. It’s so good. I love it in pecan pie!

This is double strength, which means you only need half of what your recipes call for – so a bottle of this will last you twice as long as your normal vanilla extract!

This is not like your typical store-bought vanilla. My vanilla is pretty special. It is double strength, meaning you only need half of what your recipe calls for so it will last TWICE AS LONG. I use super high quality organic Madagascar vanilla beans – and a very long and slow ‘brewing’ process. I make this with POUNDS of fresh vanilla beans. As soon as you see it and smell it, you will know how different this is. It is very high quality and is nothing like the watery vanilla extract you find in the grocery store. It’s darker, stronger, & you will see beautiful tiny flakes of vanilla bean with each teaspoon you use.

All those vanilla bean specks melt into whatever you’re baking with it and make it so special. You may even want to add the full amount of vanilla just because those specks are so good.

vanilla extract

Each bottle of vanilla contains a vanilla bean inside too so it just gets better with age.

You can order up for 4 bottles without your shipping charge going up, so now is the time to stock up!

I’m offering this in limited quantities – once it’s gone, it’s gone until next ear. It takes 9 months to properly age the double strength vanilla extract which is why I only offer it in small batches 1 time a year!

For those who are previous customers, I have switched bottles this year with more durable lids. The vanilla extract will packaged in brown food safe plastic Boston round bottles with metal lids. If you’d rather have a glass Boston round bottle like from previous years, I can accommodate you for an additional $3. Just add the $3 glass bottle upgrade when checking out.

Up to 4 bottles will ship for the same cost, a flat rate of $7.95, so stock up! If you want more than 4 bottles, please add the ‘more than 4 bottles shipping charge’ ($2) for each additional bottle over 4 to your order.

These bottles are BIG!!!