Sunday Savings

I have been on a couponing break for the last few weeks, but really started back again this week.  I have been a couponer for 10 years now, and I get into periods where I just don’t feel like doing it any more…so I stop until I feel the want/drive to get back to it.

I am by no means an extreme couponer, and honestly am not a fan of the show because they show scenes that are not going to happen for regular consumers because the stores are waving their coupon policies to get their 5 minutes of fame.  But, we won’t get into all of that…

I go to & to match my coupons to my sales.  I get my coupons online, from the Sunday paper, AllYou magazine, & from calling/emailing companies.

Here is how I fared this week!

Harris Teeter

Before coupons:  $418.84  After Coupon:  $50.38

Lowes Food

Before coupons:  $77.65  After coupons:  $31.62

WalMart Trip 1

Before coupons:  $47.02  After coupons:  $3.52

WalMart Trip 2

Before coupons:  $43.12  After coupons $0.62!!!  (4 SunDrop sodas are missing from this photo…we drank them before we got home!)

62 cents before tax…wooohoooo!


Before coupons/sales:  $58.03  After coupons:  $6.03


Before coupons/sales:  $60.90  After coupons:  $3.71

If I did not shop the sales with coupons, I would have spent $705.56 & after coupons, I spent $95.88.  A total savings of $609.68!!

I shopped the reduced section of my grocery store for meat (forgot the picture) & bought 2 pounds of ground chuck, 2 family size packs of chicken breasts, 2 racks of baby back ribs, & 1 package of pork chops for just $26.09.  I will be submitting a beer rebate (no beer purchase required!!!) for $15, bringing my grand total for all that meat to just $11.09!!  

How did ya’ll do this week?