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Zombie 'Rising from the Grave' Pudding Cups


  • prepared vanilla pudding I use instant & make it according to the box directions
  • green food coloring
  • Peeps zombie head marshmallows
  • gummy/candy zombie hands I got mine from TreatStreet
  • crushed Oreos
  • clear cups
  • candy gravestones I used a gravestone candy mold (optional)


  • Mix the green food coloring with the vanilla pudding. Add enough to get a nice zombie green color.
  • Layer the pudding/cookies about halfway up the cup, and then stick in a green Peeps monster head. Hold the zombie head up against the glass (never thought I’d write that into a recipe…lol) & layer the rest of the pudding & cookies in, being careful not to get pudding on the front of the zombie’s face. Top with more crushed cookies.
  • Stick in a couple of candy/gummy zombie hands for the 'rising from the dead' effect. Top with a candy gravestone, if desired. I made mine with a gravestone candy mold & melted almond bark.