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Sour Patch Kid Grapes AND Skittles Strawberries!


  • Watermelon JELL-O powder only
  • Lemon JELL-O powder only
  • grapes or strawberries or even both!


  • Combine the 2 jello flavors together in a plastic bag, & shake to combine. Pour some of the powder into a shallow dish.
  • If you're making Sour Patch Kid Grapes, give the grapes a quick rinse & let them drain in a colander. You want them to be damp, not sopping wet. Place a handful of grapes at a time in the dish, and gently shake around until the grapes are coated. Store in the fridge. You can eat immediately, but they get even better after sitting in the fridge for at least an hour.
  • If you're making Skittles Strawberries, chop the strawberries into slices or bite sized pieces. Place a handful at a time in the shallow dish filled with jell-o powder, and gently shake around until covered. You can eat immediately. Store in the fridge..

Note: The grapes will last much longer in the fridge than the strawberries. The strawberries should be eaten within 24 hours for best results. I usually eat them almost immediately