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Becky's Easy Peasy 2-Ingredient Cheese Ball

Author: Mrs Happy Homemaker


  • 2 8 oz. packs cream cheese
  • 2 packets Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix Regular or Zesty


  • Soften cream cheese just enough so that you can roll it and work with it.
  • Press the 2 blocks of cream cheese together, using 1 pack of the dressing mix, sprinkle a little at a time onto the cream cheese, then fold the cream cheese over and sprinkle some more, keep doing this until you've used 1 whole pack of the dressing mix and have mixed it all through the cream cheese. Next, roll the cream cheese into a ball. Now sprinkle the other pack of dressing mix onto a plate or a piece of wax paper or foil, and roll the cheese ball all around in it to coat the outside of it.
  • Serve with Wheat Thins and Triscuits, or crackers of your choice.