Sweet & Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee (plus a Seattle’s Best Gift Pack Giveaway!)

Sweet & Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee


Coffee is one of my favorite things ever.  I must have it every single day – because if I don’t have it, trust me…. I’m not someone you’d wanna be around.  I go from Mrs Happy Homemaker to Mrs Grumpy Homemaker pretty dang fast.  There should probably be a warning sign on my door til I’ve had my daily dose…

Caution: Person who lives here has not yet had her coffee, and if you disturb her – you may want to run.

I absolutely love iced coffee, especially when it’s cold brewed.  I usually do it in 5 gallon batches, but there are times where I don’t want to make as much – or wait as long.  Enter my new Melitta brewing cone.  You can make hot coffee as well with it (which I also love) but during the hotter months, iced coffee is definitely my thing.

Sweet & Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee

When I have iced coffee, I like for mine to be sweet & creamy.  Are you like that too?  If so, then follow along with me.  This is super easy.

First thing is soaking the coffee – I can’t put into words how much better your iced coffee will taste when you take the time to use the cold brew method.  In a medium to large sized bowl, pour in 1.5 cups of coffee grounds.  I love the Seattle’s Best Coffee in Medium Dark & Rich the best!

Sweet & Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee


Gently stir in 1 cup of cold water.  Once you’ve got that stirred in nicely, add in an additional 1.5 cups of cold water & gently stir again – being careful not to agitate the grounds too much.

Sweet & Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee


Cover with a lid or plastic wrap – keep at room temperature for 12 hours.

Strain the coffee grounds through a filter – I’ve used my Melitta brewing cone & filter for this. (It sells for about 3 bucks, so you can’t beat that!)

Sweet & Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee


Now, what you have now is coffee concentrate.  You can actually just pop this in the fridge, & mix in 3 parts of water when you want an iced coffee…. But you see, I like mine sweet & creamy.  And vanilla-y.  If you aren’t a vanilla person, then obviously you can sub in your favorite flavor instead.

So, for the sweet & creamy – we’re going to start off with half of a can of sweetened condensed milk.  Pour that right in.  I have a deep affection for sweetened condensed milk. In the words of my 3 year old, ‘It’s nummy!’.  You can add the entire can or 3/4 of it if you like yours extra sweet… like my husband who enjoys a little bit of coffee with his sugar. 😉

Pour in 1-1/4 cups of milk & 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract.  Shake, shake, shake – stir it up – or do the hokey pokey.  Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you’ve got it all good & mixed.  I like making mine in a resealable bottle so I can get shake happy with it.

Sweet & Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee


Then you simply pop it in the fridge ’til you’re ready to use it – or if you’re like me, pour it over ice & begin chugging immediately.

Chug, chug, chug.  Yum, I love coffee.

Sweet & Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee


Now, ya’ll saw how much I love my Seattle’s Best… and the great folks over there have decided to offer up one heck of a giveaway for one lucky reader!

WIN a Seattle's Best Giveaway!

Here’s what you’ll get!

The Hot Iced gift-set includes:

  • One-month supply of Seattle’s Best Coffee® (4 bags!)
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  • Melitta coffee brewer and recipe for a totally new way to make a single cup of coffee
  • Simple Iced Coffee recipe featuring our go-to cold brew method
  • Coffee scoop to measure the perfect amount of coffee

Awesome, right?

You know what else?  If you’re a coffee fan like me, you can head over to the Seattle’s Best’s facebook page to score you a $1.00 off coupon off of a bag!  You can even gain an extra entry to this contest by doing so!

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