Fruity Pebbles Funnel Cakes

I’ve made my own funnel cakes for years. I rarely ever buy them from the fair or a fall festival because I can make a couple dozen of them for the same price as one costs at one of these little events. It’s super easy & doesn’t really take much time – plus, we can top them however we want without one single funnel cake costing $10.

Well, recently – on a homemade funnel cake binge with my kids – I had the idea to make a Fruity Pebble Funnel Cake and it’s just as magical as I thought it would be. Maybe even more magical.

Y’all, not only did I add fruity pebbles to the funnel cake batter but I topped them with Fruity Pebbles and I a bunch of fresh fruit to further carry out the whole fruity pebble madness flavor.