Edible Easter Baskets

EDIBLE EASTER BAKSETS – don’t put more baskets in the trash that you’re not going to use! Make your own easter basket with candy packages & a couple basic supplies. 

While cruising Pinterest the other night, I came across a pin from this site on edible Easter baskets, made with candy packages.  I was instantly in love with the idea, & went to the store the very next day for the components.  

What I love about these is that there are so many variations of it.  You can choose just one kind of candy, and make the whole basket out of that.  OR – you can mix up the candy selections a little.

I chose the later option, obviously.  My kids like so many different kinds of candy that it just seemed like the best option.  Per basket, I used 2 boxes of Peeps (in 2 different colors), 1 pack Snickers Eggs, & 1 pack Hershey’s Marshmallow Eggs.  The Hershey’s were a little taller than the rest, but I like that because I am planning on putting a couple goodies – like small stuffed bunnies, stickers, & pencils in the back & I like that they have something to lean back against.  

This project is super easy.  

First, let’s assemble the basket part.  Tape the candy, end to end, with clear packaging tape.  It holds very strong, & is nearly invisible.  Then, trace the bottom of the ‘basket’ on some cardboard.  Cut it out & adhere it to the bottom of the candy basket with clear packaging tape or spray adhesive.

Now, time to make the handle.  You can do this a number of ways, but I chose to use something I had on hand.  A paper bag.  

I spray painted a portion of the bag that I wanted to use.  I love this ocean blue color.  It’s my favorite & I always have a can on hand!

Wait for it to dry, & then clip it out.  You want the longest portion you can get.

Take that strip, and cut it into 3 or 4 thinner strips.  Tape the ends together with a small piece of clear tape.

Braid the little strips.  Tape each end inside the candy basket using clear packaging tape.  Fill with Easter grass.

Remember, the handle is decorative.  Don’t really try toting the basket that way!  The container of the basket is actually pretty sturdy.

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