Food Finds, September Edition – Yanni Grilling Cheese

{photo credit: Karoun’s facebook page}
Food Finds is back after a summer vacation, and what better way to start it off than CHEESE!

Not just any cheese – my new favorite cheese.  I discovered this product recently during my trip to California.  I was immediately amazed & intrigued with it.  I got to sample it while on a tour of the Karoun facilities when they presented us with a cheese buffet of sorts.  And while all their cheeses were fantastic, the Yanni Grilling Cheese is what really caught my eye and sparked my fancy.  

See, unlike other cheeses – you can GRILL it (or sear it off in a pan), and it doesn’t melt!!  Instead, it forms a beautiful crust on the outside while the inside remains all gooey & cheesy.  It’s like the best cheesy creation I’ve ever put into my mouth, and I’m totally addicted.  

Let me just show you how it cooks up.  

First, comes the slicing.  You can slice it as thin or as thick as you like.  The thicker you slice it, the more of a cheesy middle you get. Then you simply sear it off in a pan, or on a grill,on each side. Yummmmm.

Man, I’m getting hungry….

You can eat it by itself, with a side of marinara, on a BLT – there are so many ways, and every single one of them is delicious!!

You can usually find Yanni Grilling Cheese at Whole Foods or The Fresh Market.  You can check their website to see where you can find it around your house. You can also call their customer care number – 1.888.767.0778.  

*I was not compensated in any way for this post.  The Food Finds are picked based on my sheer adoration for the product, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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