Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale 2019 (Georgia’s Longest Yard Sale)

I love treasure hunting at yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, antique malls, etc. Recently I went on the Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale, which is Georgia’s Longest Yard Sale.

Here’s an inside look at my trip along with some tips and tricks for the next one!

Georgia's Longest Yard Sale - Peaches to Beaches collage

Treasure hunting is one of my favorite things. Estate sales, antique festivals, flea markets, yard sales – count me in!

I actually have a couple antique booths at Vintage Revival in Monroe, GA that I’m always looking for ways to fill. Also – side note, having an antique booth is a great excuse to go shopping. Just an FYI…. haha. I also have an Etsy store where I sell vintage cookbooks & occasionally a few other things.

Anyhow, last year I went on the World’s Largest Yard Sale and wrote about it here on the Mrs, so I figured that since I was going on Georgia’s Longest Yard Sale that maybe some of y’all would be interested in it too. I know lots of y’all are pickers & treasure hunters too!

These kind of things can be super difficult to plan and there is almost no help online about where the best sales are, best places to stay along the route, places to eat, or really any other tips or tricks. So, hopefully this helps someone plan their trip to next year’s sale a little easier.

I live in North Georgia, so I decided to drive straight to the coast to begin. The sale goes from Barnesville to Brunswick and Brunswick is just about 15 minutes from the beach. Well, no way I’m gonna sit in the car for 5 hours and be 15 minutes from the beach and not go to the beach… you feel me? So, I went a little early and grabbed a room for the night at Jekyll Island. I checked a few places out and settled on the Holiday Inn Resort in Jekyll Island. They gave me a free upgrade to an ocean front room and It. Was. Spectacular. The best hotel I have ever stayed in to date, no joke. I am totally going to be going back soon for an educational field trip with my kids, but that’s a story for another day.

Room with a view, view from my Holiday Inn on Jekyll Island

Room with a view, my view from my hotel room on Jekyll Island

The yard sale technically started on Friday and ended Saturday night, but when I went on the World’s Largest Yard Sale… I didn’t get an early start and realized that I missed a TON of early bird sales. So, this time – I planned to leave on Wednesday. That would give me time to get all the way to the coast, and maybe enjoy the beach for a few hours before the sun went down. The next day, I was gonna hang around the beach for a couple of hours and then head onwards on the yard sale route to catch all those early bird sales.

I didn’t see one single early bird sale. Not one. I should have just spent the day on the beach. I did see a bald eagle perching high in a tree top  before I left the beach though, so there’s that. Guess he was my early bird 😉

bald eagle perched atop a tree at Jekyll Island

From Brunswick to Jesup – not very many sales at all. If you’re not planning on spending a day at the beach, I’d honestly stay skip going that far South. Or, go to Brunswick just for the all you can eat crab leg buffet at B & J’s Steak & Seafood in Darien (a hop skip and jump from Brunswick). Personally, I’m still gonna go a day early and sit my behind on the beach for the extra time. I’m still not gonna drive all that way with no beach time, haha.

Once you get to Jesup, make sure you have your good walking shoes on – here’s where the sales really begin. From Jesup to Perry were the best sales, in my opinion. From Perry to Barnesville, there really wasn’t very many.

The sales are all alongside Highway 341. There are some in between the towns but the majority of them are inside of the individual towns. They are in gas station parking lots, farm pastures, business parking lots, churches, etc.

Peaches to Beaches yard sale 2019

The BEST deals are located at the church yard sales and the yard sales that are off of the main stretch of 341. Make sure you keep your eyes open for yard sale signs pointing down side streets!

Peaches to Beaches yard sale 2019 at a church

The way to get the best deals is to negotiate! If you don’t feel comfortable with negotiating, you best get comfortable with it quick before you go unless you want to pay more! Sellers are more likely to make you a good deal too if you purchase more than one item – or ‘make a pile’. I always try to get more bang for my buck with group deals.

Like these cast iron skillets. $10 a piece was the offering price. I negotiated for the whole lot of them and ended up paying $30 for them all. (I’ll have a tutorial up for how I clean rusty cast iron soon hopefully!)

old cast iron pots purchased from peaches to beaches yard sale 2019

Another example of a bulk deal I did was for a lot of name brand purses. Coach, Jessica Simpson, Fossil, Betsey Johnson, Chinese Laundry, Michael Kors… Y’all. I paid $40 dollars for this entire lot. A couple still had tags on it. SCORE! I plan on reselling most of them but that baby blue fossil purse totally stole my heart and my 17 year old daughter snagged the large Michael Kors as soon as this picture was taken.

various purses and bags hanging on the back of a chair, purchased from peaches to beaches yard sale 2019

Here’s some other misc stuff that I purchased along the way. Most of what I purchased will be going into my little corner booth at Ian Henderson’s Antique Mall in Monroe and a few things (mostly the cookbooks!)will go into my online store.

Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale finds - a tabletop filled with various antiques and vintage items of all kinds

Various vintage cookbooks from Peaches to Beaches yard sale stacked all over a tabletop

Unique wheeled Cart strapped inside of a pickup bed

A few helpful hints along the way for your trip on the Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale (or any other long yard sale trip – make sure you check out my post on the 127 Sale, The World’s Longest Yard Sale)

  • If you don’t have much time to commit to the yard sale, but still want to go – I recommend the stretch between Jesup and Perry. Tons of sales and lots of folks wanting to negotiate and make you a deal
  • Make sure to wear comfortable shoes – if there is even a 1% chance of rain or it has rained recently, bring some rain boots. You’ll be glad you did when everyone else is yard selling with wet shoes and socks. Oh and extra socks. Always bring extra socks!
  • pack a cooler with plenty of bottled waters
  • pack a first aid kit!
  • a wagon is a good idea for some of the larger sales with multiple vendors – I have a collapsible one that I adore for these sorts of things.
  • bring baby wipes, paper towels, umbrella, a sweater or jacket that’s easy to take on and off
  • bring food (including snacks) I bought a couple of Publix subs to put in the cooler with me and it made lunchtime super easy. I highly recommend bringing something like this with you! There are food vendors at many of the setups but the food is super overpriced – not to mention you’re losing valuable time waiting in line, getting your food, etc. I say pack a lunch and eat in the car along the way and use those dollars you saved on some yard sale treasures.
  • If you want to eat out along the way (and who doesn’t like to try out new restaurants while on trips?), my advice is to save it for nighttime when the ‘dealing is done’. I highly recommend the all you can eat Crab Legs at B & J Steaks and Seafood in Darien (the town beside of Brunswick), the burgers at Craft 44 in Jesup and in Brunswick, & the Oil Lamp Restaurant (real Southern ‘meat and three’ cooking) in Perry.

Have you ever been on Georgia’s Longest Yard Sale? Leave me a comment and let me know your advice & tips/tricks!

If I missed covering anything and you have a question, let me know! 

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Georgia's Longest Yard Sale - Peaches to Beaches