Pink Ice Punch – Just 2 Ingredients!

Pink Ice Punch

The other day, I was cruising through the grocery store rounding up some groceries for this week’s meals – and I decided to stop and get the ingredients for my 2 Ingredient Tiffany Punch.  But – oh, no… they were somehow sold out of the blue Hawaiian punch I use to make it.

Not easily defeated, I was looking at the other flavors – and thought that it would be super cute to make a pink version.  For one, Valentine’s Day is coming up super fast – and for another, my daughter’s 14th birthday party is right around the corner and that child of mine loves anything pink.  But, she says she’s not a girly girl.  Ok, sure. Makes total sense. I thought a pink punch would be the perfect addition to her pink, but not girly, birthday party theme.

So, I picked up a container of the flavor that sounded like the best pair for a lemonade infusion, and had a lovely shade going for it as well – the Berry Limeade Blast. Then, swung to the other end of the aisle and got a container of Country Time lemonade.  Simple enough.  I love that Tiffany Punch, and if this pink version was even half as good as it – I’d be a happy camper.

Pink Ice Punch - Just 2 Ingredients

Great news.  It wasn’t just half as good as the Tiffany Punch – but it was equally as good!  Totally yummy!

You can make this in any quantity that you like – half gallon, gallon, by the glass, whatever.  Just fill up your container halfway with Berry Limeade Blast & fill the other half with prepared lemonade.  All done.

Drink up & enjoy!

Pink Ice Punch - Just 2 Ingredients

Pink Ice Punch


  • Hawaiian Punch Berry Limeade Blast
  • Prepared Country Time lemonade


  • Fill a container with Berry Limeade Blast and the other half of Country Time lemonade. Stir to combine.
Pink Ice Punch, just 2 ingredients & it's so yummy! | @thathousewife