I Collided with a Semi-Truck & Angels Saved My Life

The other day, I was involved in a collision with a semi truck. This is my story of how angels saved my life & how I walked away with only minor injuries.

Psalm 91:11I’m rewinding time to this past Monday which was just a couple days ago. That day started off really well. I ran some errands, did some shopping, had lunch with my best friend, & even stopped at the Aveda salon and splurged on some really nice conditioner.  I was in my favorite car, my Maxine (yes, I named her -and yes, I also said ‘her’), which is a Maxima that has been in my family since it was driven brand new off the showroom floor in 1993.  She’s the best & most dependable car I’ve ever had, & honestly I’d grown emotionally attached to her over the past 20+ years. I was almost home, driving the same route that I drive all the time. Jimmy Buffet was on the radio singing ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’, which just so happens to be one of my favorite songs and I was singing along. I was in such a great mood.

Then, just like that – everything changed. Without going into all the details, I ended up colliding head first with a semi truck. I realized we were about to collide into each other, but there was no time to react. I tried to swerve in an attempt to avoid the collision, but it all happened in a matter of seconds & simply put, there was no way to avoid it. My tiny little Maxima against a big rig. My Maxine had no chance.

My car collided head on with a semi truck at 45mph. Do you know how many people don’t live through that kind of accident? I lived. Not only did I live, but I didn’t break a bone. I didn’t have internal bleeding. I walked away with absolutely zero serious injuries. Don’t get me wrong, I was battered & bruised for sure. Whiplash, oh yeah. The absolute worst injury I sustained are burns which removed the top layer of my skin that occurred from the airbag deploying.

But I lived & all my injuries should be healed within a couple weeks.

Angel Visor Clip

Here’s the thing that caused me to feel compelled to share my story. I know I was spared from that accident by angels. I literally saw it with my own two eyes. My mother clipped an angel to the visor of that car many years ago, & I’ve never removed it. Upon impact with the semi truck – right before my face collided with the airbag…..

I saw that angel sparkle.

Not like the sun hitting it kind of sparkle. I mean it sparkled. Like glitter. Tons of glitter really. I remember it so very clearly, even though I only saw it for a split second before my face smashed into the air bag.

Do you know how many airbags in 20+ year old cars don’t deploy? Mine did. 

Do you know how often I’m in my car without my kids in the car? Not often at all. They’re usually with me – all 3 of them. That day, for some reason, I decided to not bring them with me.

I’m choking back tears as I write this. My kids were not in that car, all 3 were perfectly safe at home & they’re always with me y’all. I hit a semi truck head on in my tiny little Maxima – and I’m still breathing. Not only breathing, but I walked away without serious injuries. I’ll be sore for a while, but I will heal.

I am so very blessed. The beautiful sparkling angel(s) God sent down for me saved me. I believe that with all my heart. I’ve never seen anything like that glittering angel in my entire life.

I admit, I did cry over that car some. Ok, maybe more than some. I did love that car so & she deserved a few tears shed over her. But I know what’s truly important, and I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for my children not being in that car & for my life being spared.

Psalm 91:11 – ‘For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways.”