TakeOut Menu Binder

This week, I have decided to get rid of the takeout menus on my fridge – I would much rather have pictures that my kids drew on there anyway!!   I have several binders in a box in & thought I would make a TakeOut Menu Binder to keep them all organized.  I found some inspiration on the ‘net and set to work.

I found this great free printable packet of sheets to help organize your DIY takeout binder!  It has cover sheets, and places where you can write down phone numbers, how you liked the dish you got, & etc.  

I divided my binder with 3 tabs for easy navigation.

The first tab has the printable sheets above (minus the cover sheet) – a few copies of each.  

The second tab houses the take-out menus.  I placed them inside of clear plastic sheet protectors so they would last for a good long while.  You can even print some menus off of your favorite restaurants websites to keep in your binder.  

The third tab houses take-out coupons.  I placed them inside of plastic sheet protectors too.  

Now, if we are going to be doing take-out – all I have to do is reach for this binder & make the call.  No more looking for the menu, trying to remember if I liked a certain dish last time, and those money saving coupons are readily available too.