Birthday Cake Boxes for People in Need

It’s super quick & easy to make a stack of Birthday Cake Boxes to donate to the food pantry/people in need. Here’s how I make them!

Cake mix, sprite, candles, and frosting inside of a foil cake baker

I have been making these Birthday Cake Boxes to take up to the food pantry for people in need for many years now – ever since my husband passed away at the age of 33. I started doing it in memory of him, as a way to celebrate his birthday every year. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated – and falling on hard financial times shouldn’t be a reason to not celebrate it. I hope that these birthday cake boxes help in some small way – maybe to parent(s) who don’t have money for buy their kid a birthday cake or even an adult who is worried about taking care of everyone else, that he/she can’t afford anything for themselves.

In the past couple of years, I’ve been doing this way more than just once a year. Each time that I see cake mixes and frosting on sale, I take a moment and stock up to make these birthday cake boxes.

A dozen cake mixes, foil cake dishes, frosting containers, and birthday candles on a blue and white table

They are very quick and easy to put together and I truly believe they make a world of difference to the recipient.

What do I need to make a birthday cake box?

Here’s what I put inside my birthday cake boxes.

  • 9×13 disposable aluminum foil pan – I like to get the ones with the lids with it because I can package it all up neatly
  • a box of cake mix, any flavor you like 
  • 1 can of sprite or other lemon lime soda (store brand will work) in case the recipient doesn’t have eggs or oil (more on this later)
  • birthday candles

Of course, you can add more things if you like. I’ve added things like birthday tablecloths from the dollar store, streamers, birthday plates, etc.

Cake mix, sprite, candles, and frosting beside of a foil cake baker on a white counter in front of blue kitchen cabinets

Why do I add a can of lemon lime soda?

Did you know that you can make a delicious cake out of nothing but a box of cake mix and a can of lemon lime soda? Well, you do now! 

Not everyone has eggs and/or oil on hand. Imagine how disappointed you’d be if you got a birthday cake box, but you didn’t have the other ingredients to make it? So, I add a can of sprite and a little note giving simple instructions on how to make a cake with just a can of lemon lime soda.

And if they do have eggs & oil, now they have a birthday beverage on top of it! 🙂

Birthday cake box for the needy

To assemble the Birthday Cake Boxes:

Just place all of the things you wish to include in your birthday cake box inside of the disposable 9×13 foil cake pan. If you have purchased one with a lid, attach the lid to the top. If you are using lemon lime soda in your birthday cake box,  add a little note explaining that you can make a cake without eggs, oil, and water by simply combining the cake mix with the can of soda and baking according to the box directions.

Easy peasy!

Cake mix, sprite, candles, and frosting inside of a foil cake baker