Easy Menu Planner Board

Easy Menu Planner Board - with a free printable!


I’m really big on menu planning.  It’s my number one budget saving grocery tip.  It really helps on my weekly grocery budget when I already have everything we are going to be eating planned out, I’m not purchasing things we don’t need.  And when you buy only what you plan to, nothing goes to waste.  No more forgotten packages of cheese in the back of the fridge.  And no more money being thrown in the trash can…. because that’s basically what you’re doing when that happens.

Keep track of  what you’re going to be eating with this easy menu planner board that I made.  I searched Pinterest for some menu planning printables and found this really cute one over at Little Corbin Hill.

Printable Menu


Just print it out in 8×10 form – and frame it!  I found a cheap frame at the thrift store & spray painted it in a fun pink color.

Easy Menu Planner Board


And then write your menu on it with dry erase marker.  When each week is up, you can erase the old & fill in the new week.

Best of all, this little project takes barely any time at all!

Easy Menu Planner Board with free printable

I pinned a few more cute menu planning printables over on this board on my Pinterest that you could use in this project as well.