My 2 Favorite Products to Ease Back Pain

Between my husband & I – we deal with conditions such as trauma induced scoliosis, spina bifida occulta, degenerative disc disease, etc. We’ve tried many products between us & here’s the 2 products that actually WORK! 

top remedies for back pain

So first off, let me begin by assuring you this is not in any way a sponsored post. The information I’m giving you today is based on personal experience & nothing else.

Back pain is a something that a lot of us deal with day to day. My family personally has a time with it.

When I was a child, I was in a freak bicycle accident where I crashed my bike, flew over the handlebars, & my left side hit the corner of a stop sign – puncturing my kidney in the process causing me to have to have it removed. Years later, I started having a lot of mid back pain, and I mean a lot. I found out that the impact of me hitting that stop sign knocked my hip lopsided & also left me with trauma induced scoliosis.

In addition to my own back pain, my husband’s father was exposed to Agent Orange during his time in Vietnam which in turn led to my husband having issues issues such as spina bifida occulta, degenerative disc disease, & degenerative bone loss at a very young age.

So, you can say that we both know a thing or two about back pain.  We’re both anti-narcotics when it comes to treating both of our conditions, so it’s safe to say we’ve tried a whole mess full of things to ease the pain – most of them sadly being a waste of money.


Over the years, we’ve found 2 products that really work to help ease the pain. I wish that there were more than two, but it is what it is. Unfortunately, most the products on the market talk a bunch of hype but they don’t deliver on their promises – and we all know it’s true.

Something that I don’t count in the 2 products is a tip though, and common sense really. You need a good mattress. If you’ve got springs sticking up through the mattress, no amount of flipping that mattress or back pain products are gonna help your back honey. I personally have a sleep number, and I L-O-V-E it. I actually went to the Sleep Number store in the mall about 9 years ago and asked to purchase a floor model & got that baby sooooo cheap compared to what they retail for. We love it.  But, I know not everyone can get themselves a sleep number either, but it is a good choice. Whatever mattress you go for, just make sure it supports your back. Having a supportive mattress is a necessity.

Now, to those two products we love. First off, BioFreeze.



We LOVE BioFreeze, y’all. I actually had it recommended to me a few years ago by my family doctor, who gave me a sample in his office. My husband & I both tried it, and were both a little wary about it because neither of us have been that impressed with other topical gels like this. Both of us were impressed, & we ended up ordering more of it on Amazon. Since then, we purchase the largest bottle of it possible (because it’s a better value) since we both have such great success with it. Some days I get some nasty leg & foot cramps, so I also will rub it on those as well. My teenage daughters also swear by it for their menstrual cramps by rubbing some on their bellies.

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Second is the Back Magic Plus.

Back Magic Plus


This simple looking contraption has completely eliminated the want to visit a chiropractor for me. My husband & I both use it 2 to 3 times a day, for about 2-4 minutes at a time. He has a lot of lower back pain, while mine is more in the middle to upper region – and it helps us both. I like it without the separate acupuncture attachment it comes with while the hubs likes it better with it – thankfully, it’s interchangeable so it’s easy to switch between the two. It helps me instantaneously, while my husband says it took a couple weeks for it to make a difference for him.

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I hope this helps my fellow back-pain sufferers out there because we all know having back pain daily is no fun. These two things, plus having a good mattress, gets us through the day. They aren’t miracle products, because there’s really no such thing – but they make a huge difference in our pain management.