Spice Packet Storage

I tend to have a lot of packets in the kitchen.  Spice packets, drink mix packets, pectin packets, yeast packets – even cat food snack packets.  My method of storage before this was to pile them all in a drawer, and hope that I can find what I’m looking for later.

I had seen an idea on Pinterest where they stored the various packets inside of a hanging shoe organizer, which is an awesome idea.  I came very close to purchasing one, but my husband has gone back to college until the end of the summer – so with our strict budget right now, it’s a purchase that I couldn’t justify.  Afterall, $10 bucks here…$10 bucks there – it all adds up.  

But, the shoe organizer gave me an idea for organizing them – and it didn’t cost me a thing!  Very simple actually too.  All I did was gather up all of my packets of various sorts, and divided them by what type of item they were. Then, I pulled out my resealable gallon sized plastic bags & labeled them accordingly with a sharpie marker.  I divided the packets into their corosponding bags, and simply hung them up with a nail. They can be easily taken off to get what you need – or put something in – and hung right back up.

I had 4 bags of packets – drink mixes, spice packets, yeast & pectin, & cat treats (which I always get for free with coupons).

You could use one big nail, or hook, and hang them all up together – or you could do as I did.  I had 4 different bags that I hung up on the side of my stand-alone pantry all in a row.

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