Dresser Make-Over

A while back, I bought this beat up looking (but sturdy) wooden dresser from the thrift store for my daughters with means of redoing it into something not so beat up looking.  It was only 5 dollars, so I figured if it didn’t work out, it wasn’t much of an investment.  This weekend, I finally got around to doing it, and I am quite pleased with the results.  Forgive me, as I completely forgot to do an official ‘before’ picture…but I was able to find a picture that just so happened to have the dresser in the background, so that will have to do!

See that ugly dresser in the corner with the tv on top?  Thats my project!  

I spent $10 for paint & $8 for new knobs.  Add that to the $5 price of the dresser – and I spent just $23!!

And now…curtain please!!


My daughters (and myself!) are beyond thrilled with the results!