My $3 Dollar Tree Halloween Light-Up Hanging Mummy Decoration

I think this Dollar Tree Halloween DIY is so cute! It only cost me $3 and there is no cutting, glueing, taping, sewing, or ANYTHING. Just hang it!

EASIEST HALLOWEEN CRAFT EVER!$3 Dollar Tree Store Halloween Mummy Decoration

Hey y’all! 

Can you believe that Halloween is almost here? The month of October has completely flown by!

I wanted to hop on here real quick and share with you this super easy $3 Dollar Tree DIY decoration that I made – and I happen to think that it’s pretty cute. I’m a huge Dollar Tree craft fan (which I hope to start sharing more of those with you!) and recently when I was scouring the shelves of my local DT, I came across light up masks for $1 and I knew I wanted to make something out of them.

Dollar Tree light up mask display

They also had hanging mummies a few steps away and I had the idea that it would make a neat hanging decoration for my door to combine the two together.

Dollar Store Halloween DIY craft supplies

I also bought a hanging ‘Boo’ sign from the Dollar Store for a completely different purpose but after I paired the light up mask and the mummy together – I felt like it needed something. Well, that $1 Boo sign came in handy because I simply just hung it from the mouth of the light up mask!

dollar store mummy diy door hanger

I didn’t use any glue, tape, or ANYTHING. The mummy came with a hanging strap, the light up mask has an elastic strap, and the Boo sign has a strap. I simply hung the mummy and the light up mask from the same nail – the mask hangs at the EXACT same level as the mummy’s face, so it worked out perfectly.



Like with a cool, fiber optic, color changing light effect.

lit up dollar tree mask I just love it!

And best of all – it was only $3 and I didn’t have to cut, tape, glue, measure, or DO ANYTHING other than hang it up! LOVE!

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