Super Sized Candy Card for your Sweetie!

This Super Sized Candy Card is not only big & filled with cute candy messages, but it’s also a foldable card. Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or birthdays!

Super Sized Candy Card for your Sweetie

I made this fabulous super sized candy card for my hunny – and even shared it on Fox8 during the morning news!

I absolutely love this idea.  I have seen the candy cards out there that used the flat boards, but I decided to go with a tri-fold poster board instead.  You know the ones – you used to use them for science projects as a kid! 🙂  I went this route because for one… it stands on it’s own.  That was a big thing for me!  And two, it resembled a big card instead of just a flat piece of poster board.  You could even go further and inscribe, draw, or decorate the inside folds of the super sized card.

To make it ‘prettier’ – I spray painted the outside of the tri-fold poster board.  Since I’m making it for Valentine’s Day, I went with a pink hue – but you could use any color you like.  You don’t have to paint either – you could leave it normal or do something entirely different.

Super Sized Candy Card for Valentine's Day

Then I grabbed my trusty Sharpie marker & I inscribed my candy filled message!

Super Sized Card for Valentine's Day

I found all the candy at the Dollar Store, with the exception of the Skor bar.  For some reason, I got it at the Tank n Tummy gas station.  I can always find them there each & every time. If you can’t find them though, you can change it to something else or omit the line completely.

Cute, right?

I just love this & I hope you do too!

Super Sized Candy Card