Peanut Butter & Celery Monsters (with eyeballs!)

These Peanut Butter Filled Celery Stick Monsters are so super simple and oh-so cute! Kids and adults alike will get a kick out of these 3 ingredient treats!

Feel free to switch out the peanut butter for any other nut butter or filling that you like.

Halloween celery monsters - peanut butter filled celery with candy eyeballs

I have the easiest and cutest idea for you all today! One that you can literally make in just a couple of minutes… so easy, in fact, that even your little ones can make these in minutes!

Seriously – how super cute are these little Peanut Butter Filled Celery Monsters?!

Not only are these adorable or Halloween, but they also are great to include in your children’s lunches. They are always a hit at a party – even parties not geared for kids.

Peanut butter filled celery sticks with candy eyeballs on a charcuterie board

Here’s the ingredients you need to make these Peanut Butter filled Celery Monsters!

  • celery – sliced into hand head ‘logs’ – you can do this yourself or buy them already done for you
  • peanut butter – or almond butter, cashew butter, or whatever else kinda butter you wanna use!
  • Edible eyeballs – you can find them in the cake decorating section and on Amazon by clicking here

Candy eyeballs, celery stalks, and peanut butter in a bowl

How do I prepare them?

They are as simple as filling celery with peanut butter and topping it with edible eyeballs – because that’s exactly what you do!

Peanut butter stuffed celery with candy eyeballs

Aren’t these so fun?!

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