Freezer Cooking – Leftover Soups & Stews in Muffin Cups.

Freezer cooking doesn’t always mean to spend a whole day making up meals for the freezer.  One of the easiest ways of putting meals into your freezer is this little tip with soups & stews.  

You can do this when you have a bunch of leftover soup & even when you only have a little bit.  Either way, don’t let it go to waste. Food costs money – and just like you wouldn’t throw dollar bills in the trash, you shouldn’t do it to your food either.

Just spoon your leftovers into muffin cups.  I’ve used square muffin cups in the picture, but the shape has no effect on the finished product.  Freeze the soup/stew in the muffin cups, & when solid – loosen it by going around the edge with a dinner knife.  Pull them out & stick them in a freezer bag.  Take one or two out when you are ready for them & reheat either in the microwave or stove top.  

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