DIY Charging Station

We all seem to have many portable devices that need charging.  Usually, my cords are wrapped up & shoved in a drawer…or even worse, hanging from the wall with nothing attached to them.  My husband is the culprit behind that one – men!  😉

I ran across a super cool idea this week for organizing the charging cords, and I just knew it was the solution to my problem.  It was absolutely genius!

In the original idea, a ribbon box was used.  There are a couple of cute ones herehere, and here. However, I’m all about the free & cheap.  So, I used a shoe box instead – decorated with scrapbook paper, and holes cut with a large hole punch.


Make a label for each hole – Mom’s cell, Dad’s cell, Kindle, iPod, etc.  Stick a surge protector inside, and thred all your chargers through.  You can easily flip off the power switch on the surge protector to eliminate any ghost power. Are you listening, dear husband of mine?


Ta-da!  No more cord mess!!  I just love this project 🙂

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