DIY Mason Jar Vases

 These DIY Mason Jar Vases are super cute, & super simple!  Make them for decorations in your own home or they’re also perfect to give as a handmade gift!

Mason Jar Vases

Am I the only one who sees the beauty in a mason jar?  I adore them.

And I love decorating with them!  There are really so many different things you can do with them if you use your imagination.

Today, I’m going to share one of my favorite things to do with them.  Turn them into vases!

This is seriously the simplest project ever.  All you need is a mason jar & spray paint.  You can use any kind of mason jar that you like, but I think the Ball mason jars are the best for this.

Take your clean mason jar, and spray it with your favorite color of paint.  My favorite is aqua blue, I just love that color!  It’s such a happy color 😀  I usually spray on 2 coats.

Mason Jar Vases


Once your paint is completely dry, you can just leave it as is.  But I prefer to lightly scrape off the paint on the embossed lettering on the jars.  I think it gives it that great final touch.

Take a knife (I used a butter knife) and carefully scrape off the paint on the lettering.  Like so.

Mason Jar Vases


Mason Jar Vases


When you’re done, just pop some flowers inside and that’s it.


Mason Jar Vases


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