The FIRST EVER Mrs Happy Homemaker Reading Challenge!

Y’all… I’m SO excited. Ecstatic even.

Presenting… the very first EVER Reading Challenge on Mrs Happy Homemaker!

My best friend Leandra and I were chatting about how we both love reading, but we never really make the time for it like we want to anymore. We started talking about doing a 2019 reading challenge to give us a much needed push back into the literary world. So, we hopped on google and looked at a few, but then I had the idea – why not do our own reading challenge… and make it a yearly thing?! After all – that’s one way to make sure I complete it. By hosting it! 😉

Have I mentioned that I’m excited yet because I am. 

It’s simple. The purpose of this is to make time for reading… and to ENJOY the book you are reading. I’ve made a checklist of 12 ‘reading challenges’ for 2019 – that breaks down to just 1 book a month. Just one a month, y’all – we can do that!

I’ve also added 5 bonus options to check off if you want to add more to it. Feel free to save the image (located at the bottom of this post) to your phone or computer to print out.

You can join simply by just doing it. I’ll post on the blog updates periodically and I’d love to have y’all comment on those posts & tell me what you’ve been reading. Or you can post the books on Instagram using the hashtag #MHHRC. Feel free to tag me so I see it and can comment on it! I’m @MrsHappyHomemaker. I’ll also be sharing on my Instagram about which books that I’m reading for the challenge.

You can also join the 2019 Mrs Happy Homemaker Reading Challenge by email. I will send out periodic updates & inspiration throughout the year. Just enter your email below.

Happy reading, y’all. This is going to be FUN! I can’t wait to see what you read. Hoping we all find a bunch of new favorites. 🙂

Click here to download the reading challenge in a PDF file!

Mrs Happy Homemaker 2019 Reading Challenge