January Whole30 2019

I’m doing it again… yup, another Whole30. As a way of loving myself, I have committed to doing one every January & September.

A reset.

It keeps me in check. 


Keeping my body at a healthy weight is one reason I do this. I was overweight when I did my first Whole30 in January of last year. I lost 13 pounds that month & my body changed dramatically. I went on to lose an additional 32 pounds making it a grand total of 45 pounds. I went from a size 16/18 to a size 6/8.  Since I lost the 45 pounds, I have not gotten on the scale since… so there will be no before & after weight loss post with this. I don’t care to do scales because I tend to get focused on a number. I refuse to be a number on that scale and let it effect me the way that I know it will. Instead, I go by how my clothes fit and how I feel. If my pants are starting to feel tight, then it means I need to start paying more attention to my diet and/or activity level.


When I do a Whole30 reset, it changes how much ‘not healthy’ food I crave. I still eat it, but I eat it more in moderation because I don’t really crave it as much. And then, I eat less of it because my craving is filled faster. Eventually though, after a few months, those pesky cravings start happening more. And then the holidays… and an endless supply of my Grandma Millie’s Oatmeal Cookies. Enough said. 

My biggest reason for doing this is how I feel after though. I have so much energy & my motivation is back, a lot of the back pain I have is decreased (and I’ve been dealing with some nasty back pain for over a month now), I’m not bloated, my skin looks amazing, a lot of that ‘brain fog’ is gone… I mean, it’s just crazy the changes. I come out of it being a happier person than I was when I began. I mean, you can even tell it on my face. After only 30 days, y’all. 30 days. 

I won’t really be doing any weekly Whole30 updates like I did last year (although there will be a few new #Whole30 recipes!)- but I will be posting daily in my Whole30 Facebook Group as well as on my Instagram, so if you would like to join along (or even just follow along) with me, I’d love to have you.

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