Transform an Unused Closet to a Fabulous Space!

Do you have an unused closet that you’re just itching to do something with? Check out these fabulously creative ideas to makeover your closet space!

Creative Ideas for Transforming your Closet Space

I know y’all have probably seen some of those fabulous closet makeovers across the internet. You know the ones – like turning an unused closet into a nursery, reading nook, office, etc.

I just love them!

I’ve picked my favorite closet re-dos from around the web & compiled them all in this blog post for my own personal pleasure – and hopefully some of yours too!  Next on my to do list is to declutter a closet so I can actually put one of these plans into place.

I think this one is my favorite of all of them. The colors, the bookshelves, the cushy seat – perfection I say!

Here’s another one that’s really cute!  It looks like somehow they were able to get a couch in their space for an extra comfy finish!

Put a crib in there! New addition but short on space?  I love this idea!  Especially if baby is rooming with a sibling or mom & dad!

Or what about this awesome two story hangout for the kiddos?  I want an adult sized version of this!  Who’s with me?

Turn that closet into an office space – isn’t this perfect?

Or even as a craft area!

I could definitely let my creative juices flow in something like this!

The peg board on the wall is such a great idea!

I adore this color – baby blue is my favorite!

Put a bed in there!  If your unused closet space is large, you could put a twin sized bed in there like this next picture.

How about bunk beds? So cool!

Or what about your very own makeup room?  I just love this idea!