Keeping Produce Fresher for Longer

With the exception of meat, produce is the biggest part of my grocery budget.  I can not tell you how many times I have spent money on it, just to have it go bad faster than I am able to use it.  We all have, and I know you all have got to hate it just as much as I do.  

So, I was excited when I heard about the Clearly Fresh Bags & was very anxious to try them.  Try them I did, and I loved them – and wanted to give a photo demonstration of how well they worked.

I bought a large bunch of bananas, and divided them in half. Put one part in the bag & one part on the counter.  Here are my results.

Day 1

 Day 3

Day 6

Pretty remarkable if you ask me.  I would have gone further, but I need to make some banana bread out of my blackened bananas before they are completely unusable.  The ones left in the Clearly Fresh Bag remained just as fresh as the day I bought them.  They aren’t expensive either – about $4/pack of 10.

I’m sold.


Disclosure-I did receive a sample from Clearly Fresh Bags to try out their product.  My review is my own opinion of the product.