DIY Recipe Binder

This week I was able to get something done that I have been putting off for quite a while.  Getting my cooking magazines under control!!

By getting them under control, I already had a game plan that would not only clean up those magazines laying around, but would also make my menu planning a little bit easier each week.  First, I sat down & went through all of the magazines I had been saving, or haven’t even looked through yet.  I took my time, and I clipped out the recipes that I really wanted to try.  I organized them by category (main dish, sides, dessert, etc) in a Case-It binder that I filled with clear page protectors for whole pages & photo album inserts for recipe card sizes.  I also pulled out my file folder where I kept all the recipes that I printed from the computer & organized them by category while I was at it.  Then, all the magazines went into the recycling basket to be properly disposed of.  

The Case-It binders are great – I use one for my coupon binder as well.  I love that the rings are so large, so that you can store a whole bunch of things inside.  I also love the expandable folders on the inside.  This is where my recipe binder is going help me with menu planning.  When I plan my menus each week, I will place the recipe in the folder that corresponds with the day.  So, when it’s time to make that day’s meal I can just grab the recipe from the file folder & post it up on my menu board to get started.