I’ve been Stitch Fix-ed!

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  I’ve just been Stitch Fixed!

I keep seeing friends & colleagues of mine posting pictures of these outfits that they’ve gotten from there, & it had be so intrigued that I had to give it a try too!

Stitch Fix

How it works is like this.  First you sign up & you fill out a questionnaire that will get info from you like sizes, clothing styles you like, etc. There’s even a spot to link to a pinterest board if you happen to have one dedicated to fashion inspiration.  Then, Stitch Fix assigns you a personal stylist. He or she reads all the information you provide, and then puts together a custom box of a few items for you. You decide when you want your next ‘fix’ – so it’s not one of those every month subscription boxes kind-of things. They only send you a box when you request it.  There is a $20 styling fee charged, & that’s it.  If you choose to keep anything in your box, then that $20 will be taken off of the purchase price for that item. You send everything else back that you don’t like, and that’s that. No hidden charges or anything like that. The more stitch fixes you receive, the more your personal stylist gets to know your inner fashionista so the more suited your boxes will continue to become.

I just got my very first box, & I was so excited – and I wanted to share with you all the items I received!

We are going to start with my very favorite.  I’m a curvy girl – smaller waisted but large bust, behind, & thighs.  I adore empire waists & longer shirts for this reason! I love this ‘Polly Abstract Chevron Tie-Waist Tunic’ from Pixley!

MrsHappyHomemaker.com gets Stitch Fix-ed!

The price tag on this was $48.00 – and I’m totally keeping it! So, my styling fee is taken off from that bringing the grand total to $28.00!

I was sent leaf earrings from Bay to Baubles as well ($28), which you can see in all the photographs, and they were super cute – but I already have a very similar pair.

Another item from my box is this Dorian Embroidery Detail Blouse from Skies are Blue priced at $58.00

Mrs Happy Homemaker - Stitch Fix review

I liked it for the most part, but ended up sending it back.  I just couldn’t get past the flowy short sleeves.

I felt like I had wings. I tried to fly away with them, but couldn’t seem to get off the ground… 😉

Mrs Happy Homemaker

The next thing from my box is this Blurred Floral Print Blouse by Renee C.  I love floral prints, but I wasn’t really a fan of this.  I just didn’t care for the blurred appearance of the flowers for one…. but my main issue with this is that the front of the shirt is pretty short… and with my curvy physique, I just didn’t find it very flattering.

It’s hard to tell that I have a waist underneath there – and all I see is butt, hips, & thighs!

MrsHappyHomemaker.com tries Stich Fix

This one was priced at $54.00 – and it’s going back!

I was sent this really cute cardigan from Market & Spruce to be layered with this shirt & the chevron shirt.  I loved the length on it, but the price tag was $64 for this & I just didn’t love it to that extent.

Mrs Happy Homemaker gets Stitch Fixed

Do you want to try out Stitch Fix?  Here’s the link to sign up!