Buttery Soft Pretzels

One of the best things about going to the mall for me is the pretzels that are usually sold there.  The smell just creeps up your nose, enticing you, the closer to the little stand that you get.  How can you possibly walk by without getting one?  I have such a hard time resisting!  They are just that good.

I have wanted to make them at home for a long time, but just never have actually put forth the effort to do so.  

I have had a recipe I found online bookmarked on my computer for the longest time, and today – I decided it was long overdue to finally make them.  

I really don’t know what I was afraid of.  They aren’t very hard, and your effort is truly rewarded at the end of bake time.  Now I can shop from home online – and bake these myself!  

When the baking was done, I brushed them all with melted butter & sprinkled salt on half of them – and cinnamon n’ sugar on the other half.  YUM!