Double Strength Pure Vanilla Extract for Sale! SUPPLIES LIMITED!

Double Strength Pure Vanilla Extract for Sale

It’s that time again!

I’ve just finished a large batch of my double strength vanilla extract, and it’s up for sale just in time for the holiday season! This is double strength, which means you only half of what your recipes call forso a bottle of this will last you twice as long as your normal vanilla extract!  My vanilla has been brewed with high quality Madagascar beans for a period of 6 months in a dark cool location, making this extract absolutely spectacular!

Any vanilla ordered will be shipped with 12 hours of your purchase, so you are guaranteed to have it within just a few days after ordering!

The vanilla extract goes FAST! Every single time I have offered it up for sale, it completely sells out within 24-48 hours!  So, hurry – get it while you can!

The price you see INCLUDES ALL SHIPPING & HANDLING COSTS!  However, I only ship to the continental 48 USA states!


All bottles will come with a tamper evident seal on the cap as well.  Bottles are sold in 2oz sizes & 4oz sizes. The bottles are thick dark ambler glass, with a beautifully designed label affixed to each one!

SOLD OUT!! Check back in the Summer of 2014 for the next batch to be ready!


2oz bottle of Double Strength Pure Vanilla Extract – PRICE INCLUDES ALL SHIPPING COSTS! – $10

4oz bottle of Mrs Happy Homemaker’s Double Strength Pure Vanilla Extract –


As always, you can always make your own vanilla extract – you can find instructions for doing so here on my blog!