Fried Okra, Potatoes & Onions

My mother does a lot of things with her church, and one of those things is having lunch with a group of ladies that call themselves the ‘Joyful Pioneers’.  Each time she has gone, she always raves about a dish that one of the ladies brings…a concoction of fried okra & potatoes.  I had just bought a bunch of fresh okra & potatoes at the farmers market on Thursday & decided to try my hand at making something similar to what I’ve heard my mother talk about. 

This dish is really quite simple – and it is really, really good!  My husband couldn’t even wait til  I set the completed dish down at the dinner table before he had already started nibbling at it.  I’m not sure if I can get away with plain ol’ fried okra anymore because he just loved this so much more.  And, that’s saying a lot if you know my husband & his infatuation with fried okra!!

You will need some sliced okra, sliced onions, & diced potatoes (small dices!) – along with some cornmeal.  Pour your cornmeal into your veggie mixture & toss to coat evenly.

Heat some oil on medium-high in a deep skillet.  Cook your okra mixture in batches until nicely browned.

Transfer your cooked okra, potatoes, & onions onto a large plate covered with a paper towel & salt to your tastes.  I prefer a good bit of salt. 

Boy – is this GOOD!