Homemade Lunchables

One of the most bought lunches for kids these days are the pre-made cracker lunchables.  Many of my friends have them in stockpiles in their fridge not only for lunches, but for snacks for their kids as well.  And, I’ve also been one of those whose been known to buy them at times for my own children. However, why buy those when you can make your own homemade lunchables, and you can be the one to decide what all goes in them.

Here’s what you need to make my favorite version of them:

You can cut the meat & cheese into cracker sized slices, or you can use a cute cookie cutter to make fun shapes. I also used reusable silicone muffin cups to hold the different components as you can see in the picture.

See how simple that was?  You can make these in no time at all.

Homemade Lunchables


  • crackers
  • lunch meat of your choice cut into small cracker sized pieces
  • cheese of your choice cut into small cracker sized pieces
  • WhoNu cookies
  • grapes or other fruit
  • divided lunch containers


  • Divide the individual components in the divided lunch containers.