Monster Mash Float – Only 3 Ingredients!

This Monster Mash Float is so simple to make – it only requires 3 ingredients! Whip it up in a couple of minutes & sip down a yummy spooktacular treat!

Easy Monster Mash Float - only 3 ingredients!

We’re big Halloween lovers in my home.  Candy, spooky movies (just not too spooky, I’m a wimp!), pumpkin carving, dressing up, etc – it’s just so much fun!

Obviously y’all know what a big foodie I am, so when you pair that up with my love of Halloween – then you can already guess that I’m pretty big on making recipes to match the season.  For the entire month of October, you can bet on the fact that we’re eating or drinking something Halloween related almost every single day.  I enjoy it so much – but you know who enjoys it even more?  That’s right, my kids!

We just tried this new super easy recipe for Monster Mash Floats – and it only has 3 ingredients! I consider that a SCORE! 😉 The recipe is at the bottom of the post, and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss!  It’s made with TruMoo’s new Orange Scream flavor, which is only available til the end of October – so yeah, you’ll wanna get on it! And, get on it soon!  If you’re anything like us, you’re gonna want to stock up on it too because it’s really yummy! It tastes just like an orange creamsicle or a push-up pop!  -nom nom nom-

Easy Monster Mash Float

One day when my youngins are grown, they’re going to look back at all the things we did together and I just know that our Halloween traditions will be apart of it.  We always have tons of fun together – but something about October just brings even more fun & laughter into the mix.  Every year, we watch Hocus Pocus & all the Halloweentown movies like a gazillion times because those are our very favorite – and we never get tired of it.

Another part of our little tradition is we also go Halloween shopping & try on all the outfits and make each other laugh so hard that our stomachs sometimes hurt.

Oh yes, those shopping trips are always a blast!  I snapped some pictures with my phone because I wanted you to see what a good time we have – and how silly we get! We’re a mess sometimes, but that’s ok – as long as we’re a mess together!

My youngest is my only boy – and he is ALL boy.  First thing he runs to is the masks. He probably put on every mask in the entire Halloween area!  I had to get pics of some of my favorites!

Halloween Shopping with

Check out how the Hulk mask matched the shirt he just so happened to be wearing that day!  He loved it so much that he decided right then & there that he was going to be Hulk for Halloween.

I told ‘little Hulk’ that he was officially my bodyguard. 😉

My girls are both young teens now – and thankfully they haven’t grown out of the Halloween spirit!  I’m so glad because we’ve had fun with this stuff every since they’ve been small – which doesn’t seem that long ago at all!  My dear daughters, if you’re reading this, stop growing up.  Right this minute.

I love how silly they still get while Halloweening it up at the store!  SO much laughter! There’s nothing better than laughing with your kids!

Halloween Shopping with

Then my oldest found the hats.  She grabbed one hat – a black fedora of sorts.  That’s when I grabbed another hat and stuck it on top.  Her look says it ALL! takes her kids Halloween shopping!

So, after she gave me that ‘look’ – and me being the fantastic mom that I am… I decided she needed some more hats.  A lot more hats. takes her kids Halloween shopping!

I was laughing so hard at this point my stomach starting aching a little! I know the people in the store thought I was a bit loopy, but that’s ok – we’re making memories here! 😉

Then, my daughters found the wigs.  My middle daughter just couldn’t decide at first if she wanted a blue wig or blue hair paint. Decisions, decisions! takes her kids Halloween shopping!

I reminded her of last year when she spray painted her hair pink – and then everything her hair brushed up against turned pink too…. including her face. So, yeah – the wig went in the cart!

Obviously, if one daughter gets a wig – the other one is going to want one too.  That’s how that works, right?  So, my oldest daughter – Ms. Thing, picked herself up a wig too. takes her kids Halloween shopping!

Can you tell we had a good time?!  I love my kids – they’re the bestest! (Grammar police, don’t even… they’re the bestest and that’s that!)

After we checked out with the kids’ costumes, we headed back to house.  My kids couldn’t wait to get back home because I promised them these Monster Mash Floats! Halloween shopping followed up by a Halloween treat – yup, that’s right up our alley!

They’re SO easy, and the ‘secret ingredient’ is TruMoo’s Orange Scream milk.  My middle daughter got so excited when she realized the milk tasted like orange cream since that’s her very most favorite ice cream flavor!  Like I mentioned earlier, it’s only available til the end of October, so she convinced me to stock up.  If they ever start making this flavor year round, I might have to buy stock in it – all my kids love it, but especially her!  I had to stop her from guzzling the whole half gallon at once!


The floats couldn’t be any simpler with only 3 ingredients required!

Here’s what you need:

Monster Mash Floats - only 3 ingredients!

For each float, place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass.  Top with 1 cup of the TruMoo Orange Scream & 1/2 cup of cold club soda or seltzer.  Stick at straw in it, and serve them on up!

How much easier can you get?  They’re so easy, even my cats were amazed.  😉

Easy Monster Mash Floats

YUM!  These are downright delicious – or as my kids like to say ‘spooktacular’.

You’ve gotta try them!  And soon!!

Easy Monster Mash Float - Only 3 Ingredients!

My kids slurped them down, and then said ‘more please!’

You saw my cats looking on above – the dogs didn’t want to be left out.  The dog on the left says it perfectly – these floats are lip licking good!

Monster Mash Floats


Here’s the Monster Mash Float recipe in a super cool image format – and there is also a printable version at the very bottom of the post!

TruMoo Monster Mash Float

Oh, and if you love this milk like I do – check out this other delicious recipe you can make with it… Paranormal Pudding!


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by TruMoo Milk.  All opinions & general ramblings are my own – and the downright silliness is all me as well!