No Fuss Dippin’ It ‘Lunchables’

No Fuss Dippin' It Lunchables

It’s that season – back to school.  Even for this homeschool mama.  Some people don’t realize it, but I often pre-make our family’s lunches for the week to save time. When I don’t have to fuss over the preparation of those lunches, that makes the time saved even better.  Time is the one thing I can never get enough of…. sorta like bacon. 

Both of these are simply wrap & done.

No Fuss Dippin' It Lunchables

First, with the ‘pizza dippers’.  Simply cheese sticks & salami.  You can also use large pieces of pepperoni from the deli – or even ham. You can leave the cheese sticks whole, but I think the meat to cheese ratio is much better when you take a second & cut the cheese in half lengthwise (or even pull them apart, it is string cheese after all)  Wrap the salami around the cheese – serve with a dipping cup of pizza sauce.

No Fuss Pizza Dippers

For the pretzel sticks, it’s just as simple.  Wrap some honey ham around half of a pretzel rod, and tuck in your container.  Serve with a side of mustard (or anything else you desire).

No Fuss Dippin' Sticks

Now, just add your sides.  I use containers from WalMart for packing – About $2.00 for a set of 3.  Then, I use muffin liners to divide further.  (note:, when packing sauces, if you would like to use a muffin liner – use the foil ones… it will seep through the paper ones)

No Fuss Dippin' It Lunchables