Organize Your Blog with a Planner – And Win One Too!

Organize Your Blog with a Planner!

Organization is a constant struggle for me.  I wish it wasn’t, but that’s just the way it is.  Between homeschooling my kids, managing our household finances, housework, etc etc etc… I always seem to be lacking in in the whole organizational factor behind it all.

Lucky for me, I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend, Dani, at Blissdom 2013.  I also had the great pleasure of meeting (and holding) one of her sweet twin babies. Dani, I still plan on flying to your house to steal me some more sweet baby cuddles – you have been warned…  

Dani runs Simplify Mommyhood & other than making cute babies, she also makes incredibly useful printables & blog planners.  She had one of her incredible blog planners with her during the Blissdom experience, and I was eager to snatch one up.

Oh. my word.  This planner is exactly what I needed to organize the stuff behind the scenes on The Mrs. It includes everything and a bag of chips.  Ok, I lied about the bag of chips. But it’s a whole new level of awesome….  Like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  When something makes me channel Mary Poppins, you know it’s good 🙂

When I said it has everything to organize – that’s no joke.  Let’s go on a little photo tour of just some of what comes in it…

Blog Planner








Friends, those photos are just a sampling.

Here’s some more details of what’s inside:

  • Affiliates & Login Trackers
  • Calendars (Yearly & Monthly)
  • Post Planning Pages
  • Series Planning Pages
  • Guest Post Trackers (Incoming & Outgoing)
  • Finances (Income, Expense & Mileage Trackers)
  • Website Information (Analytics, Affiliates, Logins & Link Parties)
  • Review & Giveaway Tracking Sheets
  • Brainstorming Pages

If it involves blogging, this planner covers it!  There are even tabs built in to it to make it even easier to get to where you need to in it. BONUS:  It’s absolutely adorably designed!t Simplify Blogging

And it’s spiral bound!  I can’t do binders… I just can’t.  They are all weird, and hard to hold.  I need a notebook.  I have to have a notebook.  Binders = bad (boo! hiss!) – Spiral bound = pure bliss.  There, it’s settled.

This binder (and my laptop) are my sidekicks now.  I don’t blog without either!  Click over to go further in depth and read more about it.

Organize your blog with a blogging planner!!

And since Dani is soooo sweet (and she totally is!) – she’s offering up a coupon code for $5 off one of her wonderful blog planners!!

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That’s not all either…  she’s also offering up one for free for ONE LUCKY WINNER!  Oh YES!

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