‘Skeleton in the Grave’ Dirt Cups

These ‘Skeleton in the Grave’ Dirt Cups are a fun, no-bake Halloween treat that kids & adults alike will love. They are so easy that even your littlest of kids can help make them.

Welcome to Day 4 of #HalloweenTreatsWeek! I’ve teamed up with a great group of sponsors & they sent some free goodies to make this week of recipes happened. As always, all opinions & general chit chat is all 100% me.

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I hope that you all are enjoying these new, easy Halloween recipes that I have been posting as much I have enjoyed sharing them all with you. I’m self admittedly not much of a decorator, so I love finding creative ways to make treats look cute (and match holidays/occasions) in very simple ways. I can’t pipe a pretty frosting rose to save my life, but I can wrap some KitKats around a cake & dot it with teddy grahams to make it look cute, stick some cotton candy on some cupcakes to make spooky smoke, & make the prettiest Valentine’s cake with conversation hearts & teddy grahams (gotta love those teddy grahams – they’re just so adorable).

I’ve gotten pretty darn good at making simple treats that look pretty cool, with zero skill. (zero skill at decorating – yup, that’d be me!)

I am really loving these Skeleton Dirt Cups. All my recipes during #HalloweenTreatsWeek come together really fast & this one is no different.

I used Wilton’s skeleton candy mold & melted almond bark to make the bones. After I melted the almond bark in the microwave, I just poured it into the Wilton bone molds & popped it into the fridge (you could use the freezer too to hurry it along) until it was set. I sprayed my molds with nonstick cooking spray before I poured in the almond bark to make it pop right out once it had hardened.

Wilton was also my go-to when I made the gravestones. I have a nifty gravestone mold of theirs & I use it to make almond bark gravestones, the same way that I made the bones.

The dirt was made from layers of crushed up Oreo cookies & chocolate pudding. Can’t really get any simpler than that!

Once both the almond bark bones & gravestones were set, I removed them from their molds & made the dirt cups. I used clear plastic party cups (you could use any smaller glass cup that you can easily see through) & layered crushed cookies & pudding halfway up the cups. Then, I began sticking ‘bones’ around the edge of the cups & layered the remaining cookies and pudding around it, trying to be careful not to get much of it between the cup & the bones so you can easily see them. Top the dirt cups with crushed Oreos & an almond bark gravestone. Serve immediately or refrigerate until you eat them.

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'Skeleton in the Grave' Dirt Cups


  • instant chocolate pudding prepared according to box directions
  • crushed up Oreo cookies
  • gravestones made with melted vanilla almond bark or candiquik & molds (or already made candy gravestones)
  • skeleton bones made with melted vanilla almond bark or candiquik & molds (or already made candy bones)
  • clear plastic party cups or other clear cups


  • Layer crushed Oreo cookies & chocolate pudding halfway up in your cups. Stick in the skeleton bones, with the fronts facing towards the outside of the glass, looking out. Layer the remaining chocolate pudding & Oreos in, finishing with the Oreos, being careful not to get them between the 'bones' and the glass.
  • Top with an almond bark gravestone.


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